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Custom Snack Box

It's always feels good when you get to pick your own food, our custom snack boxes are precisely meant for these. Pick out your favorite snacks, desserts and beverages  to create your snack box. If confused why don't you choose from the below pre-set box types to quickly identify what your box would have, leave the rest to us to give you the best options to leave you wanting for more.

Cookie Box

Tiny Bite Box

Quick Small Snack

This is box is meant for small quick bites  while travelling or for your kids to take to their school. Choose from your favorite savory and a freshly squeezed beverage to get the Tiny Bite Box ready.
1 x Savory Snack
1 x Beverage

Orange Jam and Cookies

Tasty Trio Box

Taste The Threesome

Everyone gets satisfied from a perfect trio of snack, dessert and a drink. This box would leave you content from all the flavors that tingles each of your taste buds. 
1 x Savory Snack
1 x Dessert
1 x Beverage

Chocolate with Nuts

Chocolate Overdose Box

The ultimate indulgence in chocolate

If you think, you can live with just chocolate, then this is the heavenly masterpiece made just for you. This box has everything with chocolate, a Chocolate Fudge Brownie, a Chocolate Muffin, a Chocolate Mousse and An Oreo Chocolate Shake!
2 x Dessert
1 x Cake
1 x Beverage

Mexican Restaurant

Big Burp Box

A Complete Meal

This box is bound to bring out that satisfactory burp out of you. A complete meal box to fill your tummy at any time of the day. Grab a piece from the entire category range including a savory snack, a cookie, a muffin/brownie, a fresh juice and a jumbo sized sandwich.
1 x Savory
1 x Cookie
1 x Dessert
1 x Sandwich
1 x Beverage

If none of the above suits you, why don't we let you pick your own snack combo. Browse through our complete product list and choose the stuff you want in your box.

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