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Our Carrot Cake gets its richness from flakes of fresh orange juicy carrots and the natural sweetness of ripe dates. Its amazing moist texture and utterly delicious taste would be a perfect fit for an after-meal dessert or evening tea.

Carrot Cake

Nutritional Info (per100g)

410 Kcal, Total fat (22.6g), Saturated fat (3.85g), Polyunsaturated fat (8.9g), Monounsaturated fat (6.9g), Sugar (23.7g), Potassium (100mg), Total Carbohydrate (46.6g), Dietary Fiber (1.4g), Protein (5.21g)


Carrot, Egg, Sugar powder, All Purpose Flour, Sun Flower Oil, Dates, Raisins, Cashew Nut , Milk Maid, Ghee, Honey, Mixed Fruit Jam, Class II Preservative (E282) and Acidity Regulator (E260). Cake Improver (Emulsifiers (INS 491, 477, 471, 470), Humectant (INS 1520 & 422), Firming Agent (INS 282, 202, 200), Iodized salt, Acidity Regulator (INS 260), Leavening Agent

Storage Info

Store in a cool dry place

Additional Info

Unpack from box, slice a portion of cake and consume fresh. 

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