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What We’re All About

Habit of Life was formed with the vision to provide the best ready to eat and packaged food products readily available in India's modern trade landscape by producing and distributing the products at par or better than what standards are followed internationally. With a keen focus on quick bite snacks, ready to eat food, and other same-day consumable products, we wish to be the choice of every consumer for all their food needs.

Our journey started off in 2017 with a business vertical that supplied same day consumable products to leading clients of HORECA across Gurgaon & NCR. This vertical grew quickly over the months and our non-branded, semi-packaged products became the go-to treats across corporate cafes and select restaurants in the Capital Region. 

In 2018, to bring more focus on the product line and operations directed to our vision, we entered general trade in retail through South Indian stores under the brands of Habit of Life and Kochi Co. With over 40+ freshly made products, our packaged snacks and savories made entry into the homes of thousands of people across Delhi/NCR and other North Indian states.

Over the years we tied up with outlets in India, varying from standalone retail stores to modern trade supermarket chains, we have scaled our reach and distribution network for consumers to access our product line. In the current world where the convenience of delivery and ease of preparation has taken a paramount part in consumer habits, we have partnered with all the leading hyper-local platforms to make it easy for our customers get their hands on our products directly at their home confirming to our vision to make Habit of Life a part of everyone's food habits.

Habit of Life is an ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP certified company ensuring that we maintain strict standards of quality and safety for our manufacturing facilities, raw materials sourcing, and operating principles.

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